Gov. Jindal Went to Texas-Mexico Border and Took a Bunch of Photos

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BATON ROUGE (WGNO) – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and several state lawmakers and police officials got a firsthand look at security issues along the Texas-Mexico border Monday.

Jindal and his team attended a security briefing and tour led by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

It’s the second trip for State Police Superintendent, Col. Mike Edmonson. Edmonson says illegal drugs, illegal weapons and immigrants without official permission affect Louisiana daily.

Other top names who went to the border include, House Speaker Chuck Kleckley, officials from Troop Operations, Criminal Patrol Operations and SWAT/Aviation Operations.

Kleckley says that besides being speaker, he represents and those living in southwest Louisiana, a likely entry for any criminals coming from Mexico through Texas to Louisiana.

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  • zihuarob

    Heckuva way to support the folks who helped rebuild Louisiana after Katrina. These are fellow human beings in dire need of some compassion, just like the folks who migrated to this hemisphere from Europe for similar reasons (except of course they don't have the same white complexion). This is a humanitarian crisis, not a political sideshow, not a time or place to stir up xenophobia and hatred for political gain. Congress needs to get back to Washington DC and DO THEIR JOB.

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