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Hey y’all. My last post was about what $20 gets ya at Rally’s. It generated some interesting responses. So, I decided to take this opportunity to expand a little more about my daily diet. To answer a few questions from my last post, I do have health insurance and as far as I know I do not have diabetes. I also want to establish that I don’t eat $20 of fast food every day. In fact, most nights my dinner consists of either leftovers or really simple sandwiches and chips. Sometimes I even eat a salad, yes I said salad.

Tonight for instance, I am having leftover Lasagna that my wife and her family ate the other night. I get leftovers to bring to work quite often. Sometimes it’s Italian (like my lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs), sometimes it’s seafood, and sometimes it’s basic home style grub like meatloaf and vegetables, or Shepherd’s pie, or fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. Thanks to my awesome mother in law Rhonda Jackson, and my equally awesome sister in law Michelle Higgins.

When it’s up to me to do the cooking, I either fire up the grill or I do Crock pot dishes. I love to grill sausages and dogs. I also grill stuff like pork chops and chicken pretty regularly. So, there is almost always some stuff in my refrigerator from my grill that I can pack up and bring to work. Williams Sonoma sells a great Rootbeer BBQ sauce that I use exclusively on pork. I like to thin it out with more root beer and make it into a marinade. I generally use about 3 tablespoons and about 20 to 30 ounces of root beer for my marinade. That sweet root beer flavor on a good pork chop is excellent! I have a few ways I like to do chicken. I will either do it with a little spice rub, or I will marinade it overnight in Italian salad dressing, or I will use Sweet Baby Ray’s Brown Sugar BBQ sauce. The marinade works great on breasts and keeps them juicy.

In the future, you will see a lot  more blogs about fast food. I love McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Hardees, Wendy’s, Sonic, and Popeye’s. That is not all that I eat though. I have done all types of food in my Devour Power segments. In this blog you will hear about those places but you will also hear about what I eat from day to day (and that includes fast food). It is also easier to do fast food in this blog because actually doing TV stories in franchised food establishments is very tricky. So, keep those comments coming (good or bad) and who knows your input may lead me to my next food adventure…