Dramatic Video: 2 Women Nearly Get Crushed by Train

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Two women were nearly killed when they got caught on a railroad bridge in Bloomington, Indiana. Their brush with death was caught on the train’s security camera.

It happened earlier this month on the 80-foot high Indiana railroad bridge northeast of Bloomington at Lake Lemon just after sunrise.

It’s illegal to walk on the bridge, but many do even though there are no walkways.

In the video, you see a 100-car coal train barrel down on two women. They have almost no good choices. A jump could result in severe injuries or death.

So they got down.

WTHR reports when the train finally stopped across the bridge the engineer noticed two women crawling out from under the engine. He yelled if they were OK. One women said she had stubbed her toe, otherwise fine.

The Indiana railroad said the women have been identified and will be prosecuted for criminal trespass.