Typo on ‘Cummunications’ Diploma Goes Viral

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Diploma Typo

STOCKTON, Calif. — After his diploma hung on the wall for more than ten years, Alex Harris noticed something odd. His UC Berkeley diploma has “a small typo in it.”

The Stockton native earned his mass communications degree in 2003. He told FOX40 he sent back the first and second diplomas he received in the mail because they were wrinkled, and one of them arrived in a grubby envelope.

“The third one they sent, we took a look at it and said ‘okay, looks great. No wrinkles.’ I put it in the frame, and it hung on our wall for several years,” said Harris.

But while packing up to move recently, his wife noticed something very wrong with the otherwise distinguished document. “I just heard this big laugh from the other room,” said Harris. “She actually noticed there was this typo.”

The first vowel in the word communications is a “U” instead of an “O.”

“When I saw it, it was just shock,” said Harris.

But when he posted a photo of his diploma to reddit he never expected it to go viral.

“A few million views,” said Harris. “It was a number one on Reddit. It was picked up by the Huffington Post, College Humor, and Ebaums World.”

“My cousin was telling me somebody in Germany was telling her about it,” Harris noted. “It did surprise me though how much it has gone viral.”

Alex is going to request a correct diploma, as long as he doesn’t have to return his now famous one.