No More Ugly Utility Boxes! New Orleans Artists Painting Them!

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Driving around Lakeview, you made have noticed the utility boxes which are painted with nature themes.

“I think it creates an appreciation for nature and the artwork,”  Jeannie Paddison-Tidy said.

Jeannie Paddison-Tidy is with Community Visions Unlimited, which is in charge of painting the utility boxes.

“There are 30 boxes that have been done by New Orleans artists and they are just extraordinary.  Different artists from all walks of life.  If you look at each box, you’ll see each side has a different view and they are very interesting,” she said.

Community Visions Unlimited works with the Neighborhood associations to get approval for the utility boxes.

The boxes are known as The New Orleans Street Gallery.

Since the painted boxes have popped up, some problems in the neighborhood have been eliminated.

“It really helps get rid of graffiti and litter. Helping to get the neighborhood back after Hurricane Katrina,”  she said.

With the success in Lakeview…she wants to expand.

“I want to take it to the 369 boxes that are left in the city.  You don’t have to go to an art gallery to appreciate good art work.  The art is right here on the street,”  she said.

Each box costs $500, and each artist is paid $250 to paint the utility box.

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