EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Man Uses Stolen Company Check to Pay Prostitute

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SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) –  He’s accused of stealing a company check to pay a prostitute. Slidell Police say the alleged sex act happened on the job; and it was all caught on tape.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter shows us exclusive video.

“I think he’s stupid. It’s illegal, it shouldn’t have been done. It’s immoral,” neighbor Thomas Dorgan said.

“It, it, it was kind of unwise of him to do such a thing,” neighbor Larry Ivey added.

Everyday citizens of Slidell are blown away by the alleged actions of a store clerk caught on security camera video.

Police say 24-year old Charles West took a woman into the back room of his job for a private moment; only it wasn’t.

We won’t say the name of the business, but the crime happened Monday, at Fremeaux Town Center, located on Towne Center Parkway in Slidell.

“In that new shopping center? In what, one of the stores? Oh lord,” Dorgan exclaimed.

Detective Daniel Seuzeneau says the store manager became suspicious Wednesday and started to review camera footage. “Well what he discovered on the surveillance video was shocking.”

He says the video shows Charles West at the close of business walking into the room with the woman.

“This is the back office,” Seuzeneau points out.

The two appear to look for the perfect spot. Eventually the employee pushes a chair into the middle of the room.

We can’t show you the oral sex investigators say happened in the dark.

The worker thought no would ever know; but the camera caught it all.

“So he turned out the lights thinking that would cut the video but it didn’t it was all night vision,” Seuzeneau said.

“Uh, he should have turned the cameras off; at least he wouldn’t have got caught like that,” neighbor Johnnie Wall said.

The video picks up, after the alleged services were rendered, with the employee walking out.

“Uh, I don’t know what to say,” a very uncomfortable Aleea Guidry said.

Let’s go back.

The video shows the employee doing something with paperwork.

Police say Charles West used a company check to pay the woman $200, and he forged his boss’s signature.

Neighbor Ronald Wall said, “Uh, I think it’s’ messed up. A company check? Why didn’t he use his own money?”

“Yeah it’s crazy,” Johnnie Wall said.

Slidell Police were there when Charles West returned to work.

He was immediately placed under arrest.

“He paid for sex; he used a company check to do it, and forged the manager’s name so,” Seuzeneau said.

“Tuh, he’s finished all around,” Dorgan said. “He made his bed, gotta lie in it.”

West has been charged with theft, forgery, and solicitation of a prostitute.

Detectives are now searching the woman caught on tape, believed to have cashed the forged check.

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