Prom “Do-Over” for Staff at Domenica

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If you could “re-do” any night of your life, chances are high school prom would be one of them.

Which is why a work staff party suddenly became “prom do-over” for everyone.

“It’s Domenica Prom. That’s what we came up with, “says prom co-chair Aaron Hagmann, who never went to prom.

“This is one of the reasons why I kind of wanted to do this. I never made it to it my high school prom.”

Domenica Prom started early, on the roof top of the Omni Royal in the French Quarter.

Hagmann says the crew of culinary artists and service personnel then dined in a place fitting for prom, “We all had a lovely meal here at Peche, which is a James Beard award winning restaurant here in New Orleans.”

Prom night rounded out over at Lucy’s where Hagmann was somehow named Prom King, after the first King went missing.

If at this point you’re asking questions? … You’re reading way too much into this.


So kick back and watch the clip above, and go inside the first ever… “Domenica Prom”