Australian Woman Shot on Bourbon Street Shares Her Story

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Amy Matthews posted the above selfie to her Facebook Wednesday morning.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – A 21-year old Australian woman shot on Bourbon Street Sunday told her tale to a hometown news station. Amy Matthews was one of six out-of-towners injured when a man began shooting into a crowd. In total ten people were injured.

Matthews told Perth News she was leaving Bourbon Street after a night out with her best friend when she heard gunshots.

“I just thought maybe I was hit by someone running pass. When we got to the second corner I actually realized my mouth was filling with blood,” Matthews said. “Then I realized I had been shot through the face.”

Matthews told the news station a bullet hit the right side of her face, shattered most of her teeth, fractured her jaw, cut her tongue, then went out the left side of her month.  She currently has about 30 stitches in her tongue and will need extensive plastic surgery.

But Matthews feels incredibly lucky. She told the reporter, “four centimeters higher or lower and I probably would not be speaking to you right now.”

Matthews was discharged from the hospital Wednesday morning, and she will fly back to Australia with her mother.

Matthews was in the United States on a five-week vacation celebrating her graduation.

Interestingly, Matthews graduating thesis was on the ‘American gun culture.’ Speaking with more expertise she told Perth News she doubts anything will change.

“Americans support guns and they don’t want them ban or to become illegal, but I think it’s a tough decision… I doubt ten people being shot on the street in New Orleans is going to change much.”