Officers Help Repair Damaged Salon After Cruiser Smashes into It

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – New Orleans Police return to the scene, where a department vehicle crashed through the entrance of a beauty salon.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter shows us how the department is trying to make amends.

Before thousands pack the Mercedes Benz Superdome for the Essence Music Festival, locals and visitors alike secure appointments at salons like 59-Designs Beauty & Body Boutique in Uptown.

“We as women, we prepare hair, nails, make-up and all that stuff so that we’re looking appropriate and right when we go on the scene,” shop owner Cleaster Pinkney said.

Pinkney was looking forward to the boost in business, and claiming her piece of the $170-million dollar pie the festival cooks up.

“We pass out flyers, we go to the airport, and we know there are people coming in town for this event.”

Some guests arrive early, searching for the comforts of home; clothing, hair and more.

But Pinkney’s week is off to a bad start; after a New Orleans police officer lost control of his vehicle over the weekend and crashed into the salon.

“I’m like wow, how did this happen.”

A styling station, appliances, and equipment were destroyed.

She even lost appointments for the week.

“When people started seeing this on the news and found out what happened a lot of the clients just made other provisions.”

They cancelled.

One stylist moved to another salon to make sure repairs would not impact her business for the upcoming

Essence weekend.

Since the crash, members of the NOPD have returned; including carpenters who helped secure the entrance.

Other officers are making the rounds to keep potential looters away from Pinkney’s boutique end of the business.

“They came out and did a temporary fix yesterday,” 6th District Commander Bob Bardy explained. “We beefed up the area with security measures overnight and we did a more permanent fix this morning.”

“I’m very grateful that they came out and I really feel that they will take care of me, get me back to where we need to be so we can at least restore some sort of normalcy to the business,” Pinkney said.

City appraisers are accessing damages, and plan to expedite the process for permanent repairs.