WATCH VIDEO: Tropical Isle Bartender Helps Gunshot Victim

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – WGNO has new video from the Bourbon Street shootings.

Tropical Isle caught on camera people scrambling for safety.  The video shows people running inside Tropical Isle.

Watch as one of the victims who was hit by a bullet runs inside.

One of their bartenders said that they helped a 19-year old girl from Arkansas who was shot.

Business owners in the area are fed up and said innocent visitors to Bourbon Street don’t deserve to be put in harm’s way.

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  • ahcontraire

    Did you mean Bar Owners who are supposedly making millions of dollars a year on Bourbon St?

    Couldn't they just pay for their own private police since they are so rich anyway? Other neighborhoods voted to tax themselves more for their private security district, why can't Bourbon St do so?

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