Plaintiffs In Same Sex Marriage Lawsuit Await Ruling

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A ruling in the legal fight for marriage equality is not expected any time soon.

Six Louisiana couples have filed suit against the state to recognize marriages performed out of state.

It was the focus of a hearing Wednesday in U.S. District Court.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter reports on the outcome, and what the judge plans to do next.

Members of the LGBT Community and their supporters are celebrating what they believe hints at a favorable outcome in the fight for marriage equality.

It’s a ruling that would affect couples like Jackie and Lauren Brettner. They met in 2010.

“It wasn’t exactly love at first sight but it was pretty close thereafter,” Jackie Brettner said.

The couple exchanged nuptials in New York two years ago.

They along with five other Louisiana couples have been fighting in court for the state to recognize same sex marriages performed out of state; for purposes like filing joint tax returns.

It’s a battle being fought across the country.

“Lauren and I love each other we have a family together. “We’ve made that commitment to each other and we’ve made it publicly. We traveled all the way to New York to get married because marriage means something.”

A U.S. Appeals Court struck down a gay marriage ban in Utah.

It happened the same day a U.S. federal judge struck down Indiana’s ban on same sex marriage as unconstitutional — and ordered officials to start issuing marriage licenses.

Lauren says it’s the kind of ruling that would protect their daughter.

“She needs to be protected just like anyone’s child would be.”

After hearing more than an hour of arguments, a federal judge in New Orleans said he plans to hold off on ruling until other legal claims are addressed; like allowing gay couples to marry in Louisiana.

“The judge is an excellent judge who’s very well prepared and we’re confident in our position and ultimately we’re fully confident that we’re going to win the day at the end of the day,” Forum For Equality Chair elect Chris Otten said.

“We’re glad he’s taking it into consideration and he’s going to hopefully do the right thing,” Lauren Brettner said.

The judge gave no indication of when he’ll rule.

Attorneys expect more legal wrangling could create delays.