Mid-City Restaurant Helps Fight Crime

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Milkfish — the new restaurant serving Philippine cuisine in Mid-City is not only cooking up delicious dishes, but they are doing their part to serve up safety.

“As a business owner, I want to make sure our area is safe.”

For the next 3 days, Milkfish Owner and Chef, Christina Quackenbush decided to donate 20 percent of the restaurant’s sales to help install ProjectNOLA crime cameras throughout Mid-City.

Josef Wright is the President of the Mid-City Business Association.  He said for the past 4 years, ProjectNOLA installed over 900 cameras in Orleans Parish.   It’s obviously helping in a major way.

“When the criminals see the cameras go up, they leave.  You almost can’t have too many cameras, ” Wright said.

The cameras are high-definition, so the clarity is perfect.

“We can read people’s tattoos.  That’s literally how good the clarity is.  It’s like watching a Blu- Ray movie,”  he said.

The ProjectNOLA crime cameras are monitored and recorded for free.  There are no monthly fees and camera owners don’t have to testify in court about crime footage.

It really is a win for an entire community.  Each camera costs $295 and the community feels, the more cameras, the better.

“I definitely think we are stronger as a team.  Everyone pulls together and supports the community,”  Quackenbush said.

Milkfish is located at 125 Carrollton Ave.  Their fundraiser lasts from Sunday through Tuesday.

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