Millions Earmarked for Street Light Restoration

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Street light outages have been a long-standing problem; especially for one neighborhood in New Orleans East.

Concerned property owners repeatedly voiced concerns to WGNO New Reporter Darian Trotter. Friday he returned to the neighborhood and filed this progress report.

“I don’t even have to put my flood lights on anymore,” homeowner Berly Bridges said.

Safety and security concerns has been addressed in parts of New Orleans East because street likes are back on.

“Walking you can see where you’re going, you can see if somebody’s walking on the neutral ground. You can see your surroundings and driveway and like I said you can see,” Bridges said.

WGNO News showed you how dark Crowder Boulevard was back in October.

Street lights were out between Dwyer and Chef Menteur Highway.

On Halloween little ghouls and goblins roamed in darkness, but not anymore.

“When you get out your car you don’t have to worry about if I get out if somebody’s standing over here going to attack me when I’m trying to get in my house.”

Repairs were covered by the city’s general fund.

New funding will cover the cost to support even more street light restoration.

Thursday more than a million dollars was earmarked to turn hundreds of lights back on  along the interstate in New Orleans East.

“We have a real problem from the high-rise further east in New Orleans east and most of my constituents have complained about that area,” District E Councilman James Gray said.

Councilman James Gray says another 14-million dollars has been funded to convert old street lights to energy efficient LED fixtures throughout the east bank of Orleans Parish.

“That’s good but how long is it going to take them to do it,” Bridges said. “They have the money but when they gonna start?”

“I think that you’re going to see some of the first lights being repaired in certainly less than two weeks,” Gray said.

He says he’s cautiously optimistic about celebrating because many of the cities street lights need a complete system overhaul in order to keep the lights on.

“Because we’ve gotten a lot of lights back on, and they’ve gone off again,” Gray explained.

“I’m used to it, I’m used to it being on maybe three, or four months and then they go back off,” Bridges said.

Gray says street light restoration is an ongoing effort city-wide.

Special funding will help.