Embarrassing Prom Photos Hanging In Ladies Bathroom at Bar

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)-It’s a high schooler’s biggest night….Prom!  I’m sure you remember your cheesy Prom pictures, right?

There’s a spot Uptown that’s paying tribute to the all-important Prom photo in a unique way.

45 Tchoup is a neighborhood bar that when you walk in, you instantly feel like you’re part of the family.

“Take a look inside our ladies restroom, we have Prom pictures,”  Owner, Debbie Shatz, said.

High schoolers aren’t typically allowed in bars, but their embarrassing Prom photos have found their place.

“It’s our little secret in the ladies room,”  Lesley Nash said.

Nash decided to decorate the bar bathroom when she came across her old Prom pics from the 1980’s.

“My parents were moving and they gave me all my old stuff from the attic, including my Prom pictures,”  she said.

Shatz loves Nash’s idea and wants the gallery to grow.

“I want them all over the walls in here, from top to bottom.  The old school 1980’s ones are my favorites,”  Shatz said.

Looking at these walls, how can you not reminisce about your own high school Prom?

“My Prom date fell off a 30-foot scaffolding.  He had his head wrapped cartoon style,”  Shatz said.

She said the bathroom is the perfect place to put these photos.

“I have a feeling a lot of these nights went down the toilet,”  she jokingly said.

Still, not all Proms ended badly.

“There a few couples on these walls that are married and still together,”  she said.

45 Tchoup is located at 4529 Tchoupitoulas.  Bring in your Prom pictures and they’ll hang them up in the bathroom.

You can also e-mail your Prom pictures to:  45tchoup@gmail.com