Science Does Not Backup Frightening ‘Ice Water Warning’

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483661529You may have seen an article popping up in your news feed or your inbox this week giving a dire warning.  The blog post says, NO ICE WATER FOR DOGS PLEASE READ ASAP. It goes on to detail one dog’s near death situation when he drank ice water.

Our sister station in Grand Rapids, Michigan, FOX 17 spoke with a veterinary who said though the article seems very real, even scientific, the findings are simply untrue.

“On the internet circulating right now is a story that seems very legitimate of a dog developing bloat after consuming ice cubes and water,” Dr. Randall Carpenter, DMV of Family Friends Veterinary Hospital said.

Bloat is a real life-threatening situation that actually flips the dog’s stomach while enlarging it. But Dr. Carpenter says that’s true if your dog drinks large amounts of any temperature water.

“If the dog is overheated and dehydrated, and desperate for fluids and they consume huge, huge amounts of ice cubes or water all at one time, it could create a situation where the dog could bloat,” Dr. Carpenter explained. “Ice cubes and cold water are fine for pets as long as it’s done with some common sense.”

Dr. Carpenter says this internet myth has been scaring dog owners in one fashion or another since 2007.