Tweets Lead Journalist and Public on Hunt Through City Park for Cash

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – You may have heard of @Hiddencash_nola on Twitter by now. A local who’s taking up a national trend of giving away free things by sending people on scavenger hunts based off of twitter clues.

On Tuesday, the hint was so obvious video Journalist Alyson Titkemeyer went on the hunt:


The Singing Oak in City Park this had to be what he was talking about, so I grabbed my gear and Intern Juliet joined me on our journey.

We got to the Singing Oak and while we were there we received an unusual tweet:


A little creepy, no? He also implied whoever found his stash of lollipops (I assumed part of the loot) should share it or buy kids a Mango Freeze at Morning Call. Naturally we headed to Morning Call.

Feeling a little dismayed at not finding the hidden prize, I sat down outside the Sculpture Garden. When Our anonymous money dropper sent out another tweet to the world. A picture, a picture that looked like he was close…then I got a call from Executive Producer Mark Deane.

Mark Deane knows this city like the back of his hand. He told me to go back to the Singing Tree and find a path and that’s where the photo was taken.

We found it! As I came up to other searchers someone tweeted they had found the loot which included a Nerf Gun.

I took the opportunity to meet my fellow searchers. Many expressed an excitement in the hunt, and how they loved how the journey got their kids outside and active. They also responded to @Hiddencash_Nola’s spiritual message.

We headed back to the car and realize we had parked our car a mere couple of feet away from where the prize was dropped….We’ll get them next time.

@Hiddencash_NOLA continues to drop new prizes all the time if you want to go on a hunt follow @Hiddencash_NOLA and give it a try.