Leader of French Quarter Minutemen Wanted on Stalking Charge

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Update: On October 8, 2014, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office dropped stalking charges against Aaron Jordan.

Aaron Jordan

Aaron Jordan

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The man trying to organize a group of armed citizens to escort French Quarter workers to and from their jobs is accused of repeatedly harassing a woman and sending letters to her employer and clients.

The warrant for Aaron Jordan issued last Friday (May 30) involves a complaint of stalking.

According to the warrant obtained by WGNO, Jordan’s repeated harassment caused the victim, a Municipal Court employee, emotional distress and when she found out he was a gun advocate she became even more afraid for her and her family.

Jordan recently started a Facebook group, called the French Quarter Minutemen, and asked citizens to help him make the French Quarter a safer place.

This week, Jordan passed out flyers in the quarter informing people of the group’s mission.

“All you have to do is call it up and we will have one or two of our armed guards come out to wherever you work and escort you back to your car, your bus stop, or your streetcar stop,” Jordan told WGNO News.

He also met with the NOPD to explain what the group is all about.  He told WGNO after the meeting the NOPD did not discourage him.