Violent Holiday Weekend In New Orleans: 15-Year-Old & 17-Year-Old Among Those Killed

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It’s been an especially violent holiday weekend in New Orleans. Since Friday night the count stands at 15 people shot and four others killed. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano takes a closer look at the deadly trend.

“It’s just too much violence, too much going on,” says New Orleans resident Jessica Johnson, “Everywhere you turn someone getting killed. Every time you turn on the news someone got killed and shot; for what purpose?”

Johnson tries to shield her kids from the violence, but this Memorial Day she couldn’t. A 17-year-old man was gunned down footsteps from her mother’s home near the corner of North Rocheblave and Eads streets in St. Roch. The teen made it to the hospital but died.

“The summer; it’s going to get worse,” fears Johnson.

Johnson is one of many fed up with the violence in New Orleans.

This holiday weekend alone at least 15 people were shot in the city, and 4 others killed. Among the dead is a 15-year-old shot to death while celebrating his brother’s graduation at a house party Friday night. Police say seven others were wounded by gunfire here.

On Sunday around 5 p.m. three men ages 19, 21 and 35 were shot on Hero Boulevard in Algiers. Two homes are now riddled with bullet holes. Police have no suspects, but they say surveillance video caught the shooter getting out of a white SUV. Hours later shots ring out on North Claiborne wounding one man, and again in the East. This time the victim is shot dead.

Memorial Day is no different. At around 4 a.m. one man and two women were shot at South Johnson and Perdido, and just before 3 p.m. a man was shot riding his bicycle on North Claiborne and Governor Nichols, plus two murders round out the evening.

“You’ve had a number of incidents that are disturbing. You don’t feel like you are in a murder decline,” says Tulane Criminologist Dr. Peter Scharf.

Scharf says murder rates in the city have gone down every year since 2012, but he fears the trend could reverse.

“The scary thing to me is the attrition of the police officers that from all of the reports that I’ve seen you have two, three, or four police officers in a district, and how do you respond to violent events and some of the incidents that occurred over the last few weeks are the kinds of things that if you had a greater police presence could you have avoided them or provided a deterrence.”says Scharf.

Criminologist, Dr. Peter Scharf believes police have done what they can do, and now we’ll have to see if NOLA for Life is strong enough to maintain the murder decline.

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