“Voodoo Priestess” Wanted for Robbery

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Police are searching for a woman who claimed to be a voodoo priestess; who allegedly robbing three women she performed palm readings on.

“Lock the door behind you and don’t let anybody in,” neighbor Matt Tabid said.

It’s a simple rule Matt Tabid says may have prevented three unsuspecting woman from being taken for a ride.

It happened Thursday in the 1300 hundred block of Esplanade Avenue.

Police say a woman who claimed to be a voodoo priestess, pretended to at the same apartment building the victims live; so they let her inside the locked gate.

“You know, just to be nice,” Tabid said. “Let her in so she doesn’t have to fish with her keys and she locked them in their apartment.”

Once inside, detectives say the woman performed palm readings for the three victims, then she demanded money and warned that her two “body guards” were waiting outside.

All three suspects were caught on video; the voodoo priestess and her two alleged accomplices.

Hope White has is a psychic reader who’s been in the business more than 20 years.

She says what happened to the victims is an insult to the truly gifted.

“And don’t just go to anyone on the street,” White said.

Managers at Reverand Zombies Voodoo Shop on St. Peter Street take pride in reviews they get on readings.

“They can’t, how could they even tell whether that person is cheating them or not. And anyone who wants to go to a reader has to go to a reputable reader and know that they’re reputable,” White said.

Police say the victims on Esplanade were forced to a nearby ATM to withdraw more money.

Tabid says the crime could have been avoided.

“Lesson learned; don’t let anyone in the door.” “Don’t be afraid to offend anybody. You don’t have to be everybody’s friend.”

Investigators say no one was hurt during the robbery.

If you recognize the men and woman caught on video, call police or Crimestoppers (504) 944-4488.