Orleans Parish DA Drops Charges Against Merritt Landry

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MERRITTLANDRYNEW ORLEANS (WGNO) –The Marigny homeowner who alledgly shot an unarmed teen outside his home last July will not be prosecuted, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office announced Thursday.

Merritt Landry was accused of shooting Marshall Coulter in the head, he survived.

Earlier this month, Coulter was arrested for breaking into another home just blocks from where he was shot.

In a press release District Attorney Leon A. Cannizzaro, Jr. said, “As District Attorney for the parish of Orleans, I must answer two questions. What did the law allow Merritt Landry to do? And, do I possess evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Landry acted contrary to the law?

A person who is in his dwelling may use force or violence against another who is unlawfully attempting to enter his dwelling. Furthermore, the law expressly prohibits the jury from considering the possibility of retreat as a factor in determining whether or not the person who used force or violence acted reasonably.”

He went on to say, “In an effort to obtain an indictment of Merritt Landry, my office presented an in-depth and thorough case to the Grand Jury. They pretermitted the case, which means that nine jurors could not agree to either charge or not charge Landry with a crime. Following Coulter’s most recent burglary arrests, any case that this office had against Landry was irreversibly damaged.”

Landry’s attorney Kevin Boshea issued this statement to the media.

On behalf of Merritt Landry, Mr. Jordan and myself appreciate the in-depth; investigation of this matter by Mr. Cannizzaro’s office. We are thankful for his decision. Mr. Landry and his family will now hopefully be able to move forward with their lives.  

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