Baby Elephant Gets Washed Away, But Not Left Behind

NANYUKI TOWN, Kenya – What mom wouldn’t do everything in her power to save her baby from drowning?

That’s true in the animal kingdom, as well.  And there’s a new video to prove it.

The video, posted by Kenyan safari camp and tour group Kicheche Laikipa, captures a herd of elephants crossing the rain swollen Ewaso Nyiro River in the Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy during a recent visit.

“With the river deep, mountain high banks are never easy for adults, let alone a six month old calf, so being washed away in the current was a very real possibility,” the YouTube description reads.  “Thankfully mum and her emergency swat team enacted a remarkable rescue.”

The little calf will likely remember this advanced swimming lesson for the rest of its life, according to the poster.


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