Police: This Man Left Young Children at Two Different Crime Scenes

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Steven Charles

Steven Charles

SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) – A Slidell man faces a slew of charges after police say he abandoned young kids, while running from the law twice in one week.

“This guy won’t make father of the year that’s for sure here in this area,” Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith said.

Police say 35-year old Steven Charles ran from authorities twice in one week.

This first time followed a hit and run accident; near the intersection of Gause Boulevard and Carroll Road in Slidell.

After the crash….

“He took off on foot, fled the scene before officers arrived.”

When police arrived, they found the wrecked vehicle and two young children left behind.

Arrest warrants were issued for Charles for hit and run and child abandonment.

When officers spotted the suspect in a different vehicle this past weekend, they chased him into the Lakewood Subdivision.

“That’s my house and my back yard is the last house on the lake,” neighbor Louise Mace said. “And he ran in the back of our yard he didn’t know that behind our house is the lake.”

Investigators say the suspect jumped a fence and tried to escape by jumping into a lake.

Chief Smith says this was the second time the suspect fled a scene, leaving two young children behind.

“Sometimes you can’t fix stupid,” Mace said.

“These were friends of his or an acquaintance of his and were not his children,” Smith said.

Back at the lake, responding officers ordered Charles to surrender or else they’d send in the dogs.

“On the third time the guy’s like okay, okay I’m getting out, I’m getting out,” Mace said.

“And I’m glad we were able to get him off the streets before he did cause some injury to someone else or these children,” Smith said.

Police say Charles was likely trying to avoid a parole violation warrant.

He now faces hit and run, aggravated flight from an officer, and child abandonment charges.

Police say the children were not his, and no one was hurt.