An Argument Over Cigarette Butts Ends Poorly

May 12, 2014 | Updated: 1:19 p.m., May 12, 2014

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Damon Boullt (2)

Damon Boullt has been charged with one count of attempted second degree murder.

HARVEY, La. (WGNO) – An ongoing feud between an upstairs and downstairs neighbor bubbled up on Mother’s day sending one man to the hospital and the other to jail.

Damon Boullt, 44, and Paul Hunter have been arguing about the proper way to dispose cigarette butts for some time, according to police.

Hunter, 45, lives upstairs in the Whitney apartment complex in Harvey, and drops the cigarette butts off his porch to Boullt’s apartment below.

On Mother’s day an argument between the two neighbors escalated into a physical one.  At that time Hunter’s mother was struck with a metal pole.

Police say she was not seriously injured.


When the fight ended Boullt told investigators he went to his apartment and grabbed a gun, fearing retaliation.

Hunter, who was not home during the previous fight, heard about the incident and became very angry, racing home and forcing his way into Boullt’s apartment.  Once inside he noticed Boullt’s gun and fled the apartment

According to the police report, Boullt ran after Hunter and shot him multiple time.


Boullt was taken to a local hospital.  He is listed in critical condition.

Boullt has been charged with one count of attempted second degree murder.