This Rare Megamouth Shark was Caught near Japan (Video)

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140508202328-vo-japan-megamouth-shark-00001501-tablet-large1SHIZUOKA, JAPAN — Fishermen off the coast of Japan recently hauled in a rare megamouth shark, making it only the 58th time the species has ever been seen by man.

According to the Japan Daily Press, megamouth sharks get their name because of their large head that’s not proportional to their body.

The one caught in Japan was only 13-feet long, but already weighed 1,500 pounds.

Megamouth sharks are ‘filter feeders’ eating large quantities of plankton and jellyfish

The Marine Science Museum in Shizuoka, Japan dissected the animal for further study, while more than 1,000 people watched.

The remains of the shark are now on display at the museum.