Ohio Authorities Release Inmate Early: Judges Tells Convicted Flasher to ‘Stay in Louisiana’

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Josiah Day

Josiah Day with his lawyer

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WGNO) – Ohio authorities released a convicted felon early after an unusual sentence. He was ordered to leave the state and never come back as a condition of his release, CNN afflilate WLWT reports.

25-year-old Josiah Day, who was originally from Louisiana, had been accused of exposing himself to two girls in a Target store and then following them around in December. On that same day, he was also picked up by police for following a 13-year-old girl, then exposing himself to her.

Day pleaded guilty to three felony counts of public indecency and agreed to a three part sentence.

WATCH the raw video of the sentencing below:

First part: “I get on the bus and stay on the bus,” Day said in court.

Second part: “Keep my clothes on. Unless I’m in a restroom,” he told Judge Melba Marsh.

And lastly, “Never come back to Hamilton County, Ohio,” Day concluded.

Judge Marsh acknowledged that the sentence was unusual. But the minimum sentence for public indecency is 180 days and Day had already served 160 days in jail since his arrested.

After the sentencing Wednesday, Day was personally escorted and placed on a bus to Louisiana.

It is unknown where in Louisiana Day is going.