Where Did This Louisiana Inmate Hide a Cellphone? (We Got Pics)

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Inmate Hides Cellphone in Body Cavity

Anthony Alvey, 22 of Shreveport, attempted to smuggle a cellphone into the Caddo Correctional Center by hiding it in his rectum.

SHREVEPORT, La. (KMSS) — A Shreveport man was busted Tuesday trying to smuggle a cell phone into the Caddo Correctional Center in an unusual place.

According to Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator, Anthony Alvey, 22, was being transferred into the CCC from the Madison Detention Center when the phone was found. While he was going through a full body scanner in booking, an unidentified object was detected on the scan. Following a second scan, the suspect admitted to hiding a cell phone in his rectum.

Alvey was taken to the University Health Center where he removed the phone himself. He was later arrested for bringing contraband into a penal facility.

Alvey said the phone was so he could talk to his mom, but Prator thinks differently.

“The guy did not stick the phone up himself and hide it and ride on it for five hours so that he could call his mom on Sunday. Okay,” he said.

Prator said cell phones are prohibited at CCC because it prevents non-monitored outside contact with others where evidence could be tampered with or plans for criminal activity could be made or communicated. It also prevents inmates from using an unmonitored phone to plan an escape, intimidate victims, contact witnesses, or give information on their movements outside the facility.

Full body scanners have been used at CCC since May 2013 when two machines were purchased for $384,000. All inmates entering the facility are scanned. Deputies have located knives, lighters, drug paraphernalia, and food items with the devices. This is the first cell phone.

Inmate Hides Cellphone in Body Cavity

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