Keystone Pipeline Being Mangled By Keystone Cop Congress

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Republicans and Democrats squawking over the mythical “Keystone Pipeline” seem more like “Keystone Cops” with the big difference being the Cop imbeciles were fiction. Recently, Senator Mary Landrieu has ascended to her polished, alabaster perch to proclaim that she is and has always been a proponent of building the pipeline. This prompted Republican Bill Cassidy to accuse Landrieu of being in cahoots with Senate Democrats who “do not stand with working Americans” because not building the pipeline means “our energy economy will suffer.” While that may be true we again find ourselves debating an issue locked up in the imperial Congress without anyone ever asking the most important question: does Congress have the authority?

The easy answer is yes, as the oil travels from Saskatchewan to Montana, Congress can “regulate Commerce with foreign Nations”. OK, now that that’s settled, why is The Empire holding all the cards when the line crosses into South Dakota then Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma? The short answer is: because they can. If we hop in the KingDude’s WAYBACK MACHINE we can find thousands of roads that were built in the early twentieth century that crossed dozens of states at a time and not one of them was ever approved by Congress. This was done by The American Association of State Highway This group brought state lawmakers together to construct and maintain the US Highway system. US 1 traveled 2500 miles and crossed 15 state lines between Maine and Florida without Congress approving it and what is a highway other than a pipeline that carries cars and trucks?

What makes the Keystone even more constitutionally offensive is that oil from Oklahoma and Montana would be able to make their way to Houston through it. Neither Cassidy nor Landrieu would have the foggiest notion of what I just explained to you which explains to us why Congress is the Keystone Cop joke it is today.