Read a Tornado Victim’s Goodbye Text Message to His Mom

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Jeff’s mom shared the last text exchange she had with him, as the tornado approached his home. (photo from KNWA)

VILONIA, Ark. (WGNO) – A week ago people in Arkansas were picking up the pieces after an EF-4 tornado torn apart towns, homes and families.

Many tornado victims may have never had the change to say goodbye, but a young man did get a chance to send one final message to his mother.

KNWA obtained the text message conversation between the teen boy and his mother.

“First he said mama, I’m so scared,” said Regina Wood, Jeffrey Hunter’s mom.

All Wood could think to do was tell her son Jeffrey Hunter he would be okay, the report said.

“He knew how bad it was, these say it’s going to be a direct hit,” said Wood.

Jeffrey was 20 miles away from his mother in Vilonia.

“I have a text on my phone as the tornado was hitting “Goodbye mama,” Wood said.

As Regina made her way to her son’s neighborhood she recalls hearing horns and people yelling.  If wasn’t long before she came to her son’s home.  He was lying  unconscious on the ground.

“I kept saying are you okay? Are you okay? Let me know. Let me know. No answer,” Wood said.

Jeffrey wasn’t the only person to die in his Vilonia neighborhood. There are flags up for each one of the victims.

But despite the terror of losing her only son, Regina is comforted in the thought that Jeffrey, in the midst of panic and fright, thought to tell his mom goodbye.