The Story of Crawfish Bread at Jazz Fest

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Only three days left to get your crawfish bread!

And did you know that the only place on earth where you can buy crawfish bread is at the fairgrounds during these two weekends every spring.

WGNO found the inventor of crawfish bread, who gladly explained its delicious secrets.

So exactly who invented this cheese-filled, crawfish-tail-laden heaven in a crust?

His name is John Ed Laborde. And it’s a family owned business in Marksville, Louisiana.

Where else can I get crawfish bread?

Only at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and Laborde’s Panorama Foods, located in Marksville

He can ship you some and if you’re really nice “I’ll bring it to you myself whenever I come to New Orleans or Baton Rouge,” he said.

Laborde bakes up whole loaves –thousands of them–at his catering business in central Louisiana, and then brings them down to Jazz Fest where he heats them up in giant ovens and sells gooey slices of them to thousands every year — at seven dollars a pop.

The cheesy filling is his own recipe, but he admits he stole the bread recipe and from an unlikely source.

“I got the bread recipe from the lunch lady at my elementary school,” Laborde said.

The best things in life really are that simple and delicious.