Study Reveals the Strange Stuff People Google

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – There’s evidence now that people really do google absolutely everything.

An Australian agency called, SearchFactory, compiled a list of strange things people looked up on the site and found on a monthly average 1,000 people googled, “How to hide a dead body” and with just under 2,000 searched, “How to get away with murder.”

On the slightly less frightening scale, 110 people googled, “Cat dating” and 390 people searched, “How to make my cat love me.”

18,000 people looked up, “Is Lady Gaga a man?” and 18,000 more googling, “Why do men have nipples?”

5,400 googled, “How to have an affair,” and 40,000 people searched “Why did I get married?”

Lastly and perhaps most tellingly, almost 4,500 people used the searcher engine to ask, “How do I google something?”

Check out this infographic from SearchFactory below:

why do men have nipples

(credit: searchfactor)