2 Students Suspected of Making Threats to Classmates

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MADISONVILLE, La (WGNO) – Two Madisonville Junior High students are in trouble with police for plotting to harm other students.

Information about alleged plans to hurt other kids spread fast across the town, social media and straight to parent’s emails. (Read the letter sent home with students)

“I got an alert on our phone,” says parent Zachary Jones waiting to pick up his daughter. “They just said it was a situation.”

The St. Tammany Parish School system says both students were removed from school until detectives complete they’re investigation.

“Who was it, what grade were they in and what happened?” wonders mother Nancy Keen.

Keen credits Madisonville’s small town atmosphere as one reason the plot to harm other students didn’t go any further, “It’s such a tight community that the police are going to be right on it. And the principle is awesome.”

“They’re good with notifying you about things like this,” says Jones.

The district reports no credible threat was ever found.

Either way, Madisonville Jr. High’s principal Dwayne Kern says they take every threat, “whether real or a hoax, very seriously.”