The 6 Amendments of John Paul Stevens

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Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens is 94 years old.  And former Supreme Court justice      Stevens just wrote a book.  The exact kind of book you’d want from a former Supreme Court justice. This is a justice appointed by a conservative who is viewed as a liberal.  The book is titled “6 Amendments”.  It’s essentially about the 6 changes Stevens would implement in America if it were his call.

Legalizing pot.  Stevens says “the distinction between marijuana and alcoholic beverages is really not much of a distinction”.

He says abolish the death penalty.  I’m not anti or pro death penalty, but its hard to argue that it’s an effective deterrent.  So why not eliminate it?

Enforcing existing laws on limited corporate campaign contributions.  What’s the problem there?

Stevens also wants to see tighter restriction on guns.  The majority of Americans are pro guns but also, the majority would also like to see tighter restrictions.  So Stevens may be on to something.  You can read about it in his new book, 6 Amendments.