Bundy Ranch Dispute

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Have you been keeping up with the Bundy Ranch dispute in Nevada?  Apparently a rancher and his family, have been grazing cattle on public land for over a century.  The Bundy clan, along with approximately 20,000 other ranchers from Nevada, pay the federal government a nominal fee for the right to allow their cattle to graze on federal land.  About 20 years ago, the Feds decided to stop leasing some of their land to Bundy.  He has basically ignored the order even after several judges continued to rule in the federal governments favor.  The Bureau of Land Management, or BLM for short, decided to seize Bundy’s cattle.  That’s when armed civilians, or militia as they are calling themselves, went to Bundy’s ranch.

The wacky right will want you to believe the big, bad, government, with too much power and control, is trampling on this guys rights.  You’d have to be wacky to think that.  Bundy is a free grazer, a welfare rancher who wants a free ride.  The Feds are right to try to stop him.  20,000 other ranchers in Nevada obey the law.  Why should Bundy and his family get an exemption?    This isn’t about freedom or liberty or about being a patriot.  It’s about a rancher that’s simply wants a free ride on the tax payers back.  You would think the wacky right would easily understand that concept.