New Orleanians More Open to Dating Much Taller Women, Study Says

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Southerners are known for hospitality… and in New Orleans, that extends to the world of dating!

According to a study by the online dating site zoosk, New Orleans is the most open-minded city when it comes to dating someone who is either much taller or shorter, than you are.

The study also found that if you’re looking for open-mindedness in a dating partner, you should check out Las Veags. Daters there are ranked as the most open minded overall. While daters in Raleigh, North Carolina are apparently the least open-minded.

Singles in San Jose are most open-minded about dating someone from outside their religion, while Birmingham, Ala. is last in that category.

And when it comes to body type, San Antonians were most willing to date someone with a different body type from their own, while daters in Louisville, Ky. are the least willing to do that.


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