Irony & Civil Rights

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One would think that black folks, in general, would be the gay populations best friend when it comes to civil rights.    Today’s civil rights movement is about gay and lesbian people enjoying the same exact freedoms that everyone else in America enjoys.  But that obviously is not the case.  In 2014, homosexuals and lesbians are the most discriminated group in our country.  Black folks, especially the over 55 crowd, are experts at civil rights in America.  Their fight still continues today, but its more like a battle compared to the war they fought in the 60’s.  Former NBA great, Bill Russell, said the same questions are being asked of gay athletes today that were asked of black players in the 60’s. “will he be a good teammate…will he disrupt the locker room?”

One would think the black community would embrace the plight of gay people in this country but almost the opposite is true. Many black folks, that are registered democrats and liberal in their political thinking, become hyper conservatives when it comes to gay equal rights.  Instead of having empathy and fully understanding the fight, many blacks remain on the sideline when it comes to the gay plight in this country.  Often religion and the bible is the excuse used to not act.    Black folks, more than any other group of people, should understand what’s at stake.  The gay population is the single most discriminated groups of people in this country.  Black folks should be leading the way in their fight for equality.  Who knows about discrimination better than them?