Life Saving Lung Cancer Scans Offered For Free Saturday

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It’s a machine one Metairie woman says saved her life. Now a local doctors office is giving others access to the same state of the art technology for free. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano explains.

72-year-old Joan Guepet is energetic and full of life. From the outside it’s practically impossible to tell she’s spent a decade battling COPD and emphysema, and the past 10 months fighting lung cancer. She says it was the cancer that caught her completely off guard.

“I would not have noticed that anything was wrong because the same symptoms that I have with the emphysema and CODP were the same symptoms that would have been with the cancer,” explains Guepet.

Joan never noticed anything wrong, but because she smoked for 50-plus years her doctor recommended she have a low-dose CT scan to take a closer look at what was going on inside her lungs. Dr. Edward Soll at Doctors Imaging in Metairie says the machine provides the most advanced lung cancer screening available. He says it literally saves lives.

“Every year, if you’re a heavy smoker between 55 and 80 and you are otherwise in good health, you should have this test done,” says Dr. Soll, “You’re going to get on the table. You’re going to go in and out of this loop. In 19 seconds it’s going to be over; no injections, and it’s a very low dose that we’re using, so it’s not the amount of radiation that people would get ordinarily from a CAT scan.”

The scan instantly located the cancer growing inside Joan’s lung. It gave her an opportunity to fight back.

“In my case I think it might have been a life saver for me, and it’s definitely gotten me a chance to get treatment in early stages,” says Guepet.

A CAT scan of the chest can cost hundreds of dollars. At Doctor’s Imaging in Metairie they’re offering the scans for $99 and this Saturday you can get scanned for free.

To get an appointment you’ll need a prescription from your physician. Any appointments for Saturday must be scheduled before 5pm Friday.

Doctor’s Imaging is located at 4204 Teuton Street in Metairie (behind East Jefferson Hospital). They can be reached at (504)883-8111