WWE Wrestlers Serve up Free Lunches

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Before battling it out at the Superdome some WWE superstars served up a special lunch to cab drivers Wednesday.  Taxis lined up in front of the New Orleans Convention Visitors Bureau for a chance to meet these stars of WrestleMania and get a free lunch.

“WrestleMania is crazy were here in New Orleans… invaded New Orleans. And the Taxi cab Drivers are helping us out and making sure there getting where they need to be and helping us out,” Jimmy Uso WWE Tag Team Champion said.

Drivers and fans got to see these champion wrestlers out of the ring, as they took time to say thank you to cab drivers for all the long hours they put in for events like this.

“I think they wake up and they go to work every day and when they come through here and it’s a different spark you know.  You need to throw a rock and make a ripple effect you know?  Change the game up a little bit. I am sure we lifted their spirits up,” Jey Uso WWE Tag Team Champion said.

Gifts packs include a free sack lunch from Honey Baked ham, plus WrestleMania t-shirts and pictures. It was  a pit stop these cab drivers won’t soon forget.