Update: Lights Out In New Orleans East

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Faulty street lights have been a city wide problem. Especially for some homeowners in New Orleans East.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter took a look at their concerns six months ago. Now he has a progress report.

This is what Crowder Boulevard looks like by day, and this is the same street at night.

“Pitch black if you don’t have your flood lights on, it’s just black,” homeowner Beryl Bridges said. “It’s just like you have a black out. That’s how dark it is out here.”

It’s dark because the majority of street lights between Dwyer and Chef Menteur don’t work.

Neighbors say the mixture of old and new street lights have been an on again off again problem for years.

“Since 06,” homeowner Hollis Delpit added.

Delpit says the lack of lights creates a safety hazard, and a haven for home break-ins, robberies, carjackings, and pedestrian accidents.

“So I don’t understand. I don’t understand why they can’t fix this lighting problem that we’re having over here.”

“Trick or treat,” small children yelled Halloween night.

Six months ago we exposed how dark streets created dangerous conditions for kids Halloween Night.

Then spokesman, Tyler Gamble with the Mayor’s office said, “The quality of life and safety of our residents is always a top priority, and the city is committed to repairing street lights.”

“Okay well when you gonna fix it,” Bridges said.

Neighbors are frustrated because six months later little if anything has been done.

It could come down to a lack of resources and the cash strapped Department of Public Works.

That’s not good enough for these neighbors. They point to other neighborhoods, like where the mayor lives.

“Okay he got the lights on where he stay,” Bridges said. “They got the money for that. “I pay taxes just like they pay taxes. So come put the lights on for me.” Trotter asked, “No excuse? No excuse what so ever,” she replied.

“You know it’s like they threw the east to the wayside. They don’t care about the east.”

Here’s a look at the latest numbers.

In 2011 The Department of Public Works repaired 11-thousand street lights.

An additional 12-thousand were repaired in 2012.

If you’d like to report a broken street light dial 311 Monday – Friday during normal business hours.