Common Core Conundrum

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Common Core legislation to greatly reduce or even eliminate the standard ate still being addressed at the legislative session in Baton rouge.  Louisiana was one of 45 states embracing Common Core.  That was until politics came into play.  Like global warming, politics has more to do with the debate than facts.  Here in Louisiana, the Hyper-right wingers have painted the picture of the federal government high jacking education, when the rest of the state, republicans included, have no problem with the education standard.  Louisiana has notoriously been one of the most uneducated states in the country.

There is no debating this.  Louisiana’s education system, going on a half century, simply hasn’t done a very good job of educating our kids.  We have actually done a terrible job.  Which makes it funny, or actually tragic, that some Louisiana politicians want to scrap the plan.  I’ve got a novel idea, lets let some other states, you know, the ones that actually educate their kids and have been for decades, decide on the standard.  If other states, that are much better run than Louisiana decide to abandon the standard, which none are, then maybe then we could discuss this at the legislature.  Until then, all bets are off.  Common core isn’t about us.  It’s about educating kids in Louisiana for the first time in decades.  Do something right for the kids for a change.  Leave Common Core alone.