Dr. Rachel: Soft Drink Alert!

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People who switch from regular soft drinks to diet soft drinks can lose 20 pounds in short period of time without changing their diet or exercise.

One 12-ounce can of regular soda has 10 teaspoons sugar in it. A 32-ounce Big Gulp has 27 teaspoons of sugar! Way too much.

Would you sit down and eat 10 or 27 teaspoons of sugar?!? No? Well, that is what you do when you drink those sodas.

And, calories from sugar are more easily turned into fat in your body than the calories from fat.

If you drink regular soda, starting today, try mixing half diet soda with half of your regular soda for about two weeks. Then, every week, increase the amount of diet soda until you have completely switched yourself to 100% diet soda.

You will not even realize the difference. But, boy, your body sure will!


  • Sharon

    I am highly disappointed in this message. While I agree, as all reasonable people should, regular soda is a dangerous addiction; I believe that with all of the negative effects of artificial sweeteners, diet sodas are only marginally better.

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