Mother Files Bullying Lawsuit

March 26, 2014 | Updated: 5:51 p.m., March 27, 2014

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Fed up with her daughter being bullied, a local mother has filed a lawsuit against the school and the parents of students accused of cyber-bullying.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has details about the case, and reaction from the frustrated parent.

“I just feel like children as a whole deserve to be protected by the administration of their school.”

But Jeanine Holmes says that was not the case for her 12-year old daughter at Holy Ghost Catholic School in Hammond.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday against the school and parents of two other students alleges the victim was continually, severely and traumatically bullied at the school; both in person and electronically.

The family’s attorney says school administrators are negligent.

“We believe that the school did not act properly, did not respond properly and was derelict in their duty in protecting this child,” attorney Felix J. Sternfels said.


The lawsuit alleges school administrators failed to discipline or counsel the offenders, who carried out their reign of terror during the better part of a year.

It took an emotional toll on the victim.

“She was in a very very bad state,” Holmes explained.


The victim had to be evaluated and hospitalized at Adolescent Behavioral Health.

“Extreme anxiety, depression, she after being evaluated through the hospital that she was admitted into was deemed suicidal,” Holmes elaborated.

The family is seeking relief for medical expenses, pain and suffering; as well expenses related to any future treatment.

“We just knew she’d be defended by the administration and when she wasn’t initially we couldn’t even believe it was happening that way,” Holmes said. “On good faith we kept waiting and allowing for them to act and they didn’t.”

Police officers investigating the case have already seized electronic devices from the students accused.

Wednesday night there was no response from Holy Ghost or the Diocese of Baton Rouge.