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Robert Wolfe Construction

Our goal is to serve our clients by providing quality, cost effective construction on a tightly controlled schedule. Robert Wolfe Construction, Inc. has worked hard to streamline the construction labor and production processes. We are more efficient and effective through the use of stringent operating procedures and quality control checkpoints. Robert Wolfe believes people are our greatest asset. We train, implement and utilize highly qualified construction professionals, current technologies and tested systems to bring a project in on time.

Never in our history has there been a more of a need for a company like Robert Wolfe Construction, Inc. till after the hurricanes and flooding that ravaged the gulf south.  When you hire Robert Wolfe Construction, Inc., you get a company that is committed to raising your home safely, delicately and carefully above flood levels. You will also receive an amazing sense of attention to details through every step of the process. Robert Wolfe Construction, Inc. will continue to be a distinguished company with devoted service to our community for many years to come.

Robert Wolfe Construction, Inc. has an impressive organization of house raising professionals, the most advanced equipment available and a compassionate staff who have sworn to help home owners through a complex labyrinth of paperwork and government funding.

Robert Wolfe Construction has been working to understand the land and soil conditions in Southern Louisiana for decades. We can advise you on how to handle your project and we also help you out with all the paperwork involved with Elevation Funding.

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