Home Invasion with Two 7-year-old Children Inside

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A home invasion in the Central City neighborhood has residents staying indoors and watching their backs. It happened in the middle of the night with two children inside. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano has more.

Debbie Farria has lived on Second Street in Central City for five years now. She says most here know each other, they even watch out for each other, but tonight most are keeping to themselves.

“Ain’t no more sitting on our porch just us. If the neighborhood ain’t outside, I’m not sitting outside,” says Farria.

Farria is on guard thanks to a home invasion a few doors down. The victim, who is too scared to appear on camera, tells us she was standing by her front door when two armed men wearing bandanas to mask their faces forced her and themselves inside. Already in the home were two other adults and two 7-year-old kids. It happened Sunday just after 1:30am.

“In your own home you’re supposed to feel protected and safe. Once you lock your doors you’re supposed to feel safe,” saysFarria.

Tonight Farria and others living on and around the 2500 block of Second Street are not feeling safe. Besides the home invasion a neighbor tells us two homes nearby had their doors kicked in.

Farria feels police need step up patrols, and the city needs to rethink their new street lights.

“We used to have big lights. They took down those big lights on the poles that lit this block up and put these little bitty lights up here that you cannot see. I keep decorations up. I keep my lights up all year round, because it lightens up my yard,” explains Farria, “So let’s stop this from happening. Next time somebody might go in the wrong house and it be a bloodbath.”

According to police reports the two men took off with cash and jewelry. The victim tells us they were not injured.

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