Flood Ins

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New Orleans has an entity that goes to bat for us everyday.  A small group of people that “get it”.  They understand how a real city is supposed to operate.  They fully grasp the concept that business drives the economy and helps make a city a viable.  Greater New Orleans Inc. and the man that runs the shooting match, Michael Hecht make New Orleans better.  They are constantly soliciting business for the city.

From across the country to across the globe, Greater New Orleans Inc. is there for us.  For the city of New Orleans and the outlying parishes that make up the metro area.  Now if Greater New Orleans Inc isn’t trying to lure new businesses here or trying to retain the old ones, they might be found, like this morning, out at the Bucktown Marina.  Michael Hecht was joined by Senator Mary Landrieu, Congressman Bill Cassidy, Jefferson Parish President John Young and others as they recognized the signing into law of the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act.  Bringing new jobs to metro New Orleans or maybe like today, making sure our way of life is sustainable through affordable flood insurance, Michael Hecht and Greater New Orleans Inc. make New Orleans better.