Why Fight Good Change?

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New Orleans never ceases to amaze me.  The greatness of our city and also the things in our city that makes us pathetic.  Case in point: the proposed Robert Fresh Market grocery store in the hood on St Claude and Elysian Fields.  This is the neighborhood that has seen half of its population disappear in the last half century.  A neighborhood that opposes just about any development.  Condos on the river.  Sean Cummings apartments on Elysian Fields.  A CVS pharmacy on St Claude.  Even a Cuban style restaurant in an abandon building that has sat ideal for 40 years.  It’s a strange bunch.

Now they are questioning the grocery store plan.  The Roberts folks are nice enough to want to invest in an area most would not.  They want to invest in a building that has day idle since Katrina.  Neighbors voiced concerns about parking, designers adhering to height restrictions and ensuring everyone can afford to shop at the store once it opens its doors.   How hysterical.  Concerns about parking?!?  It’s got a huge parking lot surrounding the property.  Parking is not a concern.  Height restrictions?!?  The structure is in place. It’s a remodel job not a tear down with new construction.  And how about the funniest concern of all-is it going to be affordable?!?   Of course not. The grocery store owners are going to make it not affordable so the project fails.  Too funny.  It’s called demographics and I’m confident Roberts, investing millions, did their due diligence.

The squeaky wheels in this neighborhood have a history of being against progress.  Lets hope they don’t screw up this much needed grocery store in the hood.