New Marshland Completed on Bayou Saint John

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Marshland along Bayou Saint John is restored, thanks to the Wetland Project Creation. The Lake Pontchartrain basin Foundation along with volunteers had been restoring this half-acre of natural wetland over the past year.

“It’s a real significant amount in New Orleans, but its about what’s lost every hour in coastal Louisiana,” Andy Baker Marine Biologist Lake Pontchartrain Basin Restore said.

It takes more effort to bring back these areas naturally, rather than completely man-made.  So no imported rock went into this project; instead Deltalok  product was installed to stabilize the marshland and allow native plants to thrive.

“We’re planting two species of native grasses: Smooth Cordgrass and marsh hay. We’re planting about a dozen native species in here,” Baker said.

Over 7,000 bags of sand, 200 tons of material are now in place to help ensure the future of this native vegetation.

“For the wetland plants to thrive they need just the right elevation. If it’s too high, then you get trees and weeds and things like that. If it’s too low, then it’s too wet for the wetland plants,” John Lopez Lake Pontchartrain Executive Director said.

“We believe that having this marsh will provide a little more buffer, not that this area is really seriously threatened, but it does illustrate that having this wetland in front will break the waves,” Lopez explained.

A little over 40 volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got dirty doing the hard work so everyone can enjoy this area for years to come.

“They said it will take about 6 months for the wetland to kind of grow out, so I’m super excited. I don’t live too far from here, so I’m going to drive down. It’s beautiful down here, so maybe I’m going to run down here and ride my bike,” Logan Gaskill Harrah’s Volunteer said.