Republican Ignorance of LA Constitution Is Unacceptable

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I fully expect that Louisiana’s Democrats haven’t read Louisiana’s Constitution. But the Republicans are supposed to be the party of the Constitution, both Louisiana & the shredded Federal version. Someone might want to send Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne a copy of Louisiana’s, it can help him out of the ridiculous pickle has boxed him in.

Move on has taken to using Louisiana’s tourism logo and slogan, “Pick Your Passion”, in an ad campaign slamming Governor Jindal for not accepting Medicaid subsidies.. Dardenne asked moveon to cease, moveon said it didn’t have to because the Supreme Court said so. Let me inform the Lt Governor that the Court’s decision doesn’t apply. Not because it’s wrong but because it doesn’t have jurisdiction, Louisiana courts do. Article I, Section 7 of the Louisiana Constitution says “ No law shall curtail or restrain the freedom of speech or of the press. Every person may speak, write, and publish his sentiments on any subject, but is responsible for abuse of that freedom.” Notice the clause “responsible for abuse”? moveon is most certainly abusing Louisiana’s light-hearted trademark. If Dardenne had any sense of federalism he would inform moveon that the “Pick Your Passion” mark is a registered trademark with Louisiana’s Secretary of State & subject to Louisiana’s enforcement.

Some people may say that the US Patent & Trademark office rules supreme in these cases but that isn’t applicable because moveon is abusing the State’s mark IN Louisiana. Once again the Constitution party turns to the Feds for relief while the citizens of this state are being abused with their own ad campaign. This amounts to bullying Jindal into piling billions of dollars in debt on the heads of bayou babies. This is expected of the wealth transfer party, it’s inexcusable for their allegedly conservative counterparts who have not Picked the proper Passion, their State’s Constitution.