Tracey’s, Parasols Gear Up For St. Pat’s Day Block Parties – The Irish Channel Way!

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Third and Magazine is where THE St. Patrick’s day weekend action is.

This crossroads unlocks the gateway to an over- abundance of local  Irish heritage and of course… ice cold adult beverages.

Memories cloud remembering when was the first official Irish Channel parade and block party.

But many locals speculate about 50 years now.

But raising hell, raising go-cups and raising the roof, been going on since the first Irishman and Irish woman set foot in da Irish Channel.

Watch the video to see the debut of this year’s promotional poster, paying tribute to Parasols owner John Hogan who passed away.

Tracy’s and Parasol’s St. Pat’s block party’s

This Saturday & Monday starting at 11 am

In da Irish Channel (3rd and magazine)

Parade is Saturday!