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Moms Mad at Miley

Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz Tour” is getting a lot of attention for it’s raciness and raunchiness.

She’s bringing her show to the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans and Moms are not allowing their children to go.

“I think it’s fine for older people, but I would not want my daughters to go,”  Becky English, mother of 3 daughters, said.

These moms are mad at Miley and think she’s setting a bad example.

“I think her show should be shocking for everyone, not just young girls, or older girls, but all women.  She’s being distasteful,”  Susan Oglesbee, a mother of 1 daughter, said.

17-year old, Olivia Heel and her mother, Teresa Heel talked about going to the concert, but decided not to after hearing about the on-stage sexual antics.

“A lot has come to light about the tour in the last couple of weeks.  I would not want my daughter to go.  Miley is exploiting herself.  She has the right to do that, but we have the right not to support it,” Heel said.

Olivia has fond Miley memories from the Hannah Montana days.

“She was awesome back then.  She was dressed appropriately.  I’m a Miley fan in the way of her music, but not in the way she portrays herself on-stage,”  she said.

Miley Cyrus will be performing at the Smoothie King Center on March 18th, starting at 7 pm.  Swedish duo, Icona Pop opens the show.

Tickets are still available and range in price from $80-$300.


2 Comments to “Moms Mad at Miley”

    Anonymous said:
    March 17, 2014 at 4:44 PM

    Her name is Teresa HILL. And Olivia HILL. Not Heel.

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