Not Shocking: Common Cores Is Supported By Crony Capitalists

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Imagine a large, public meeting room full of men in fancy suits, passing a microphone around taking turns at critiquing your parenting skills. “Why did you tell little Johnny & Susie to bathe after dinner, shouldn’t they bathe before!?” Or “Instead of the Lord’s Prayer, have you ever thought of saying the Pledge of Allegiance before bed?!” “Why would I ever subject myself to such second guessing…in public, Mike!?” Well the short answer is you do exactly that every time you pat little Johnny and Susie on the head and send them off to public schools.

Public education relies on the laughable premise that crooked politicians know what’s better for children than parents do. Ironically, the father of public education John Dewey moaned about the days of little red school houses “The teacher tyrannized over the classroom, imposing a schematic routine upon a passive, obedient, well-drilled student body.” Well, now, thanks to Common Core, the legislature and its crony henchmen get to do the tyrannizing, gee, I feel better already.

But many Louisiana parents are not falling for the “Common Core robots make better workers” ruse but that hasn’t stopped the usual suspects from forcing the issue. Former state legislator Tony Ligi of The Jefferson Parish Business Council is the latest. The JPBC claims it “..foster[s] … communication between…business … and government.” Hmmm, why can’t business people just call their “government officials” up directly? Because the revolving door between government and crony capitalists requires middle men, that’s why.

Local media touted Ligi’s endorsement of Common Core as manna from enlightened heaven, yet why should a view funded by Bill & Melinda Gates hold more weight than the concerned parents rejecting Common Core? Because Big Brother knows best! Now take a bath, eat your low fat dinner and say the pledge of allegiance before bed.

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  • Claude

    Clearly, you were educated without the benefit of Common Core standards. Education is the key to success in life. Better education means a better life, no matter who supports it.

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